Focus on Testing

Reduce reporting time with Reporter and focus your valuable time on testing. Reporter integrates the entire pentesting workflow and offers features to support your project management, client interaction, version control and much more.


Use templates or re-use previous submissions for similar research findings. Quickly document your findings without having to re-write the entire submission.

Researcher Panel

Guide testers through the assessments using the researcher panel. Ensure all testing requirements are met when following assessment guidelines such as the OWASP Top 10, SANS, and PCI-DSS.

Centralized Data

Keep all project data centrally organized per assessment, eliminating the use of external software to track project data.


Concise dashboard overview with information on active assessments, due dates, assigned researchers, requested retests, and more.

Integrated search filters

All vulnerability descriptions from your favorite tools and previous submissions easily findable through integrated search filters.


Reporter's Markdown editor allows easy drag and drop of files and highlighting of code to quickly describe vulnerabilities and attach proof.

Risk Rating

Multiple vulnerability scoring systems such as CVSS 3.1 and the OWASP Risk Rating Methodology are supported with several display options.