Engage with Clients

Instantly engage with clients in assessments. Easy retesting, instant notifications, commenting and further discuss findings or explain test results.

Facilitating active engagement 

Reporter bridges the gap between pentesting teams and clients. Reporter's collaborative approach significantly enhances the likelihood of a successful project result.

Easy retesting

Efficient retest workflows for clients and pentesters drastically speed up vulnerability mitigation, a major leap in responsive cybersecurity practices.

Actionable insights

Reporter’s Analytics feature provides clients with comprehensive insights into their security performance. This tool empowers clients to make data-driven decisions, ensuring continuous enhancement of their security posture.

Manage independently

Manage vulnerabilities independently from their assessment and target. When periodically testing targets you can avoid unnecessary testing by excluding unresolved findings from previous assessments.

View and export

Clients can conveniently view results online and download comprehensive reports in PDF format. Findings can be exported in various formats for deeper analysis. PDF reports are encrypted and designed to be tamper-resistant, ensuring integrity.